Adjustment Counseling

If you have experienced a major change in your life such as a change in job, living arrangements, or physical abilities you may be experiencing extra stress and anxiety. Together we can determine how to overcome and manage that stress and find the support you need.

Grief Counseling

A loss of any kind can leave us feeling overwhelmed, lonely, or afraid. It is important to understand and manage the grieving process in order to move forward with life in a positive way. We provide a safe, supportive environment to help you work through your grief in your own way.

Cognitive Therapy

When faced with overwhelming problems or circumstances, overly negative thoughts and depression can hold us back. Cognitive therapy re-trains your thought process to help you analyze the problem in a more realistic light and make problems more manageable.

Insight Orientation

During one-on-one conversations, we’ll talk through your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to understand you and how you might improve aspects of your life.

Goal Directed Services

If there is a specific problem holding you back, we’ll engage in focused discussions to understand the potential causes or triggers. We’ll then find ways deal with the problem for a more positive outcome.